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Ever wanted a night light which lit up a bedroom or hallway with out being to bright? The moonlight night light is perfect for this situation emitting a green blue light which is just enough to see but not to bright to keep babies and toddlers awake.

Using Technology from NASA space shuttles cockpits, it costs less then 50 pence a year to run. With NASA keen to save as much energy and weight as possible on their space shuttles ever wight saving opportunity is a must. So they illuminate their panels with bulbless lights which give off no heat and are extremely efficient. This is where the idea of the moonlight night light comes in. A cool-to- touch panel, very energy efficient, and bulbless design make it the ideal night light.

It can be used pretty much anywhere that has a plug. Its a very slim design which fits flush against any plug socket and leaves more than enough room to still be able to get to the switch easily to turn on and off. We often forget to turn ours off, but the energy costs is so minimal that its not much concern to us compared with other electrical appliances, although 99% of the time we do remember!

With the cost being so low and pretty much no negatives to mention their isn't much against this product.

It has so many uses and can be used in a multitude of places, I've made a brief list below but its not limited to just these -

  • softly and safely light a Babies or toddlers room in case of any checking up in the night.
  • gently light hallways for those late night toilet trips.
  • Use in your own Bedroom where you like a little bit of light but not too much to keep you awake.

This is one of the best Eco gadgets you can buy which really has a daily use around the home.

Wayne Crowe is an expert on eco friendly cleaning and sourcing and using these products. Spending many years working, researching and using a wide variety of products, has really helped a deep understanding of the way "eco" is moving forward. Find out more about the Moonlight night light by visiting Eco Green Store.

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